Whether you have a diabetic in your family or not, caring for your feet is an important part of caring for yourself. There is a lovely quote “Your feet take you to where your heart wants to go”. We forget this and we take our feet for granted. In general, only once feet problems arise, do we start taking greater care of them. However, as with anything, prevention is far better than cure. Making sure your feet are adequately cared for is a critical part of anyone living with Diabetes, especially as they become older. Children with diabetes rarely have negative complications with their feet and tend to break the “rules of diabetes” and run around barefoot. This is not a problem, providing their feet are checked every day and any problems are picked up early. Like any diabetic, once a problem does arise, the poor circulation as a result of diabetes will slow the healing process. It is therefore critical that feet are monitored daily and adequately cared for and treated.

One of the most common issues with children’s feet is cracked heels and dry feet. The revolutionary Diabetic foot cream, Recharge your FEET has been developed and formulated specifically to treat this problem as well as various other foot issues faced by Diabetics. Used daily, the product assists in preventing foot problems and improving the condition of the feet. Once problems arise, it is also highly effective in healing and treating various conditions. The unique combination of ingredients works on improving and stimulating circulation and nerve damage while the natural base oils intensely nourishes dry skin and allow other potent active ingredients to deeply penetrate and deliver maximum benefit to the feet. Natural anti-fungals are included to fight infections, natural anti-inflammatories reduce swelling and promote healing and natural soothing ingredients reduce pain and improve comfort. The combination of powerful anti-oxidants used, help defend and protect the feet, which is of utmost importance in children who are barefoot.

Recharge your FEET should be used in conjunction with a good foot care routine such as checking feet daily for any problems, keeping foot hygiene at a high standard, drying feet properly, wearing comfortable shoes and looking after toenails.

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