I wanted now for some time to let you know how useful recharge has been to me. Since having a stroke I find that Recharge has worked extremely well on controlling the swelling on my affected calf, ankle and foot. Recharge has also been a boon in preventing dry skin on both my legs and arms. It is also a great help in reducing the unsightly marks left by bruising

John Anderson, Chairman Diabetes South Africa, Durban

Hi I live in the UK (from South Africa), and would like to know how I can go about purchasing some of your products. My husband has diabetes and I had a sample of cream for the feet given to us which he tried and after 2 applications his feet have a visible improvement. This stuff is amazing! I am interested in purchasing the vitamins as well as the Recharge your FEET cream.

Gail Pistorius

I would like to order Recharge your FEET cream. Will you please let me know what are the costs. I gave the samples to my clients and they are very pleased with it. It is definitely helping for dry skin and cracked heels. I am only having a small practise so I don’t know about the ulcers and so forth.

Elly de Waard

I used your ointment in Durban during Comrades and it relieved my feet and knee.


Having used Recharge your FEET daily for three years now, I never experience foot burn any more and the Seed Corns on the soles of my feet have all but disappeared. (After 45 Years.) My Podiatrist confirmed during a recent visit that it is certainly thanks to the product. I have always been and still am very active, walking a lot and being on my feet most of the day. On-line orders are very easy to do and very promptly delivered. Foot care started for me in infancy with parents fanatical about good shoes and Chiropody as it was known then. As it is said, one wears your feet on your face. My husband has been using Diabeticare Herbal Tablets for a few years now on my instigation instead of the usual supplements because of the particular attention given to the eyes of Diabetics, a very important factor and the only supplement to do so.

Clive & Suzanne Hook

Recharge Your FEET has certainly helped me with the peripheral neuropathy which, like most Type II diabetics, is a problem for me. I find that by using the product every morning, my feet stay warm and I can feel the difference in the circulation. It lasts for most of the day and keeps the neuropathy under control. My wife uses the product as well, and it has helped her cracked heels to a great degree.

Michael Hands

My wife has been a diabetic for 36 years. This is one of the few products that have ever given her relief and more so, continuous relief. It helps her with circulation, winter feet, warm feeling after use, even assists with healing sores on legs as well as dry feet and cracks on feet. For my wife it is something she swears by. Sincerely hope, we shall not experience break in supply for too long and often website.

Calvin Lawrence

I am a 68 year old diabetic sufferer, and my greatest problem is that the nerve damage to my feet has resulted in the loss of feeling in my feet. The only time I have sensation in my feet is when I have sharp stabbing pain (nerve pain) in various parts of them. This intense pain is of a short duration but will happen about every minute or two for as much as up to an hour or more. I tried various doctors and creams to no avail. I then was told about Recharge Foot Cream. When I started applying Recharge foot cream twice daily, my symptoms and attacks became less frequent and eventually they disappeared .

Rob Howard

As a diabetic, I’m always looking for the best product to use on my feet. A few months ago my regular foot cream was out of stock and because I was desperate I bought Recharge your FEET. It was the best thing I could of done. I’ve been using it since and will not use anything else.

Melani Hunter

Thanks for the reassurance. As long as I know that the product is available I will most certainly insist that the product be kept on the shelf. As I stated I found the product very effective for my burning feet. I also have an aunt who was introduced to the product by her daughter-in-law. She had a cellulitis/dermatitis that had developed on her lower legs due to using a product called ice-man. Unfortunately the ice man (which is indicated for use in horses and appears to relieve arthritic pains in the elderly) caused a severe allergic dermatitis. Recharge your FEET has completely cleared up the rash, relieved the pain and reduced swelling. It really has given her a new lease on life. Thanks for a great product I will most certainly be telling all my friends and fellow nurses about it

Cynthia Nel

I was very impressed with the service from Recharge your FEET as I e-mailed them for the free sample they offered readers . I received the sample the next day. The cream definitely seems to be helping my feet. Keep up the good work.

Margaret Low

Dear Sir,

I would like to take this opportunity of stating that the cream is amazing. The first thing I noticed was the mint perfume which gives the area a pure and pleasant aroma, secondly, the cream does not leave an oily residue after applying it so that there are no oily patches on sheets or carpets. Having applied it in the evening before retiring and then again in the morning I found my feet and toes have a smooth lustre to the skin. I am sure there will be other health benefits once I have used this product for some time and if so I will contact you once again to let you know.I will be buying a larger quantity from the outlets that you informed me about.

Yours faithfully